Hello Pill OH

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Satin slip cover pillowcases in grey, rose gold or white. Set of 2.

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Cotton pillow slips absorb natural oils from your face and hair, which you can probably guess, isn’t a good thing.
So, If you’re tired of morning frizz, sleep creases, ugly bedhead and damaged hair, you need to change to a satin pillow slip.

  • Love your lash or hair extensions? Satin is gentler on both, making them last longer with fewer fills.
  • Getting fine lines and sleep wrinkles? Switch to Hello Pill-oh! for crease-proof and fresh dewy skin.
  • Want that oh-so gorgeous hairstyle to last longer? Satin allows your hairstyle or blow-dry to last overnight and beyond.
  • Suffering from annoying split ends? Unlike other materials, satin is more gentle on your hair which prevents damage.
  • Want to sleep through the night on a soft, cooling pillowcase? Sleeping on a hello Pill-Oh! is a luxurious, cooling over night experience.

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Grey, Rose Gold, White


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